Filling the gaps #6 Creating appropriate environments

The sixth area of research need identified by the National Heritage Science Strategy evidence report is ‘Creating appropriate environments’.

Our associated survey seeks to collect information about research that has been carried out, since 2009 in two main areas:

  1. The ways in which environmental conditions can be controlled to reduce decay rates, by carrying out research into:
  • How buildings, and historic buildings in particular, perform
  • The use of natural ventilation, and other methods of passive environmental control
  • The use of microenvironments to reduce deterioration.

2. A better understanding of the environmental parameters that are critical to the survival of waterlogged archaeological remains, improving the managed of these sites by research to:

  • assess the level of moisture content that is sufficient to retard degradation
  • improve the characterisation of the chemical and biological composition of burial environments (both urban and rural)
  • enhance characterisation of burial environments of maritime sites which are currently poorly understood.

Please help us to ‘fill the gaps’ by adding your knowledge of research carried out since 2009, published or unpublished, that addresses these issues to our survey form.

You don’t need to complete all the fields on the form, but the more information you are able to provide, the more useful a resource we’ll be able to make available – to people using heritage science research, to researchers identifying new projects, and to funders supporting heritage science research.

Thank you for your contributions

National Heritage Science Forum

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